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Who We Are

We Believe in the Power of The FEW (Financially Empowered Women).

It’s never easy to face major life changes or transitions.

Over the past few years, my father’s health has had its ups and downs. In the first serious down, my brother and I sat down with my mother to support her in organizing the family finances. To our surprise, despite having two sons in the financial services industry, she had no idea where to start. She was overwhelmed – emotionally and mentally. She felt inadequate and unable to handle this new responsibility. She was underprepared in every way.

I was shocked and saddened to see this. After years in my profession, I had been unable to prepare my mother to lead financially. Not only did she lack basic education, but psychologically, she doubted her ability to ever successfully understand her financial life. She was uncomfortable and insecure. For me, this realization was neither welcome, nor easily dismissed. I simply could not understand it. How could this be?

Over time, my initial disbelief and sadness transformed into a renewed vigor and a compelling mission. I vowed to myself that I would empower my mother with education, support, and community. And further, I would empower other women to prevent them from ever feeling the overwhelming powerlessness my mother experienced.

And there, The Society of Financially Empowered Women was born.

My team and I have made a commitment to facilitate a community and forum where independent women can acquire the confidence to be leaders in their financial lives. Today, The Blanke Schein Wealth Management Team at Hightower Palm Desert is committed to service and support, to trustworthy advice, and to The Society of Financially Empowered Women.

Robert L. Schein, AIF®
Managing Director, Partner
Hightower / Blanke Schein Wealth Management

Who We Are

- March 16, 2015

How We Can Help You

The market is volatile, and in a society of constant connectivity and 24/7 news cycles, it is hard to not get lost in the day-to-day noise. Understanding these challenges will empower you to navigate the complexities of today’s investing landscape. We help you avoid these common challenges:


Unscheduled portfolio investments or withdrawals during volatile market conditions have proven to destroy wealth for many investors. By setting up Blanke Schein Wealth Management's True Retirement Experience, or a statement that articulates your objectives, how you will approach the markets, and what your tolerance for risk versus reward, you will not make decisions that are emotionally driven. This can also protect you from fraud or scams.


The Blanke Schein Group True Retirement Experience will ensure that you have addressed the decreasing portfolio purchasing power brought on by inflation.


Blanke Schein Wealth Management's True Retirement Experience will allow you to focus on absolute portfolio returns and how they measure up to your overall objectives, rather than focusing on an arbitrary benchmark.


An Investment Policy Statement can also prevent over-diversifying your assets, thereby mitigating the risk of portfolio underperformance.


Just as over-diversifying can lead to portfolio underperformance, so too can under-diversification. The Blanke Schein Group True Retirement Experience will detail how you should diversify in order to balance risk versus reward.


While easier said than done, sometimes the best course of action is to do nothing, even in downward economic markets. Blanke Schein Wealth Management's True Retirement Experience will help you make objective and beneficial decisions, even if they seem initially uncomfortable


All too often, people are eager to invest in what they have heard are hot investments. Unfortunately, most money flows into high performing investments after the performance has occurred. Again, by implementing Blanke Schein Wealth Management's True Retirement Experience, you are directed to focus on how the new investment fits into the portfolio and into your overall objectives. This process leads to better long-term decisions.

Who We Serve


Dianne and her husband have enjoyed successful careers and have been disciplined to save regularly. They found that their diligence and tenacity paid off. Dianne and her husband don’t want the responsibility of managing their retirement funds. They need an advisor who can help them enjoy their retirement and while ensuring they will not outlive their funds. Dianne is also worried about learning more about their financial life. Her husband has always been the primary leader in the family finances, but she knows she needs to share in this responsibility as well.


Winona tried to work with her late husband’s stockbroker, however, she was not able to develop an ease of comfort with the relationship. She had no background to evaluate his recommendations, and always felt uncomfortable knowing that once she gave her approval on a trade he recommended, the responsibility was transferred from him to her. She wanted a trusting relationship with an advisor who was held to keep these responsibilities, always act in her best interests, and relieve her of the stress. Furthermore, she is looking for a community of women who are facing similar responsibilities. She knows the importance of camaraderie and support groups.


The responsibility for money had just fallen unexpectedly in Iris’ lap, and she is inexperienced in this arena. Iris had witnessed the losses, hardship and sadness of others who had abdicated responsibilities that they should have kept for themselves. She knows she needs a team who can support her, provide education, along with advice and management of the day-to-day activities.


Fran was named the successor trustee of her family trust. There are other beneficiaries of the trust besides Fran, and she doesn’t want the specter of money issues damaging the relationships among them. While she was confident of the faith that was placed with her, she recognized that she needed the additional knowledge, skill, experience and judgment that professionals could provide.


Sienna followed her dream as she created a new fashion line that has become firmly established and is now enjoying growth. She travels extensively, and she realizes that the success she envisioned is upon her. She recognized it was time to add another member to her team of trusted advisors to help her develop her financial independence beyond her new company.

Does your wealth management experience need an upgrade?

Whether you want to grow, preserve, or pass on your wealth, you can trust us to create personalized, long-term strategies that help you realize your goals.

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