Our Process

Achieve your personalized investment goals

Our disciplined, four-step investment process enables us to construct well-diversified portfolios with appropriate asset allocation to help our clients achieve their personalized investment goals, such as cash flow requirements, long-term capital stability and growth. We believe what you keep in the market is the most important component of a successful investment strategy. We focus on high-dividend investment strategies and pay close attention to risk management.

Investment Management

Everything we do is designed to maintain your portfolio within the limits of your comfort zone, and make sure you have enough money for you and generations to come. Our three-step process ensures that we manage your wealth to a higher standard: 1. We seek to maximize your gains while protecting your assets. 2. We aim for steady portfolio growth. 3. We design for lower volatility. 


The depth and breadth of our advisors’ wealth management experience gives our clients the advantage of a holistic and tailored investment perspective. We build portfolios and create financial plans that are grounded in your needs, values and goals in an effort to attain personal financial goals. Achieving great financial success is risky enough; preserving it shouldn’t be.


Our service philosophy rests on an intimate client connection, one that is always current, relevant and accredited. The net result is to provide every client with a high-quality service experience. The Blanke Schein Wealth Management team of specially-trained investment advisory and service professionals is responsive, dedicated, and available -- at all times.


We ensure that your plan and investments reflect your current life, goals and feelings. The end result is a proprietary financial plan called the True Retirement 360° Dashboard™. You could be the beneficiary of an independent perspective and the alignment of interests pertinent to you and your family. You may rest easier knowing that you are supported by sophisticated resources designed to provide you with a realistic pathway to a retirement. You will have in place a solid, researched, and proprietary wealth integration portal for your access anytime, anywhere. We hope you’ll experience a new sense of control, knowledge, and financial security.


Client First

A commitment to supporting clients’ financial well-being and deeply-rooted trust is the foundation of the firm.

How we put clients first

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